August 11, 2020

Different Kinds of Software Testing tools

Any piece of software’s development begins with its architecture. A risk assessment should take place on the architecture to make sure security is included from the very beginning. Here are three types of software testing to enforce early security involvement: Threat modeling identifies a system’s major software components, threats, security controls, assets, and trust boundaries. Together these describe […]

Software that we use in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence software is a very general space, with a number of different subcategories, including AI platforms, chatbots, deep learning, and machine learning. Deep learning becomes even more granular with further subcategories, such as NLP, speech recognition, and computer vision (image recognition). Each of these subcategories offers users a very different functionality that are all […]

All You Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence

The reason someone would use AI software is to build an intelligent application from scratch or add machine or deep learning to a pre-existing software application. AI software allows users to implement general machine learning, or more specific deep learning capabilities, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition. While this is the […]