August 10, 2020

Skills you need to become a Web Designer

Web designer mostly focuses on Front-end developer and Back-end developer. Most of the companies will work, web design in the back-end, like official (company or client based) website SEO and ranking improvement process. People who involved in web development will focus on back-end like planning and executing (coding). The kind of things which will exist is developing the applications for the sites and making more user-friendly to the user or visitor to the site. To become a Web designer, you need to build your skills in coding and some basic fundamental design techniques.

Initially, we will go to the technical side to become a web designer.
1. Visual Design:
Visual design is using the images, colour, shapes and typography to improve the user experience. This is used in websites or blogs to give a unique experience to the visitor. It defines the area like a graphic artist uses straight lines, makes a difference in value, Colour and texture. In this, every object is composed of shapes and outlines.
2. UX:
The full form of UX is User Experience, what user feels about the product or service after usage. UX is the process of designing the product or service in the visual form to understand by the customer.
3. Design Software:
Design software includes all the photoshop software’s, Video editing software’s to make beautiful images and videos. All professional photographers use these software’s to give proper colour texture in the image.
4. HTML:
HTML is a standard basic language to make web pages or creating your website. The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It defines the layout and structure of a web document by using various tags in the language to make a website.
5. CSS:
Full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. This is a stylesheet language is used to describe the presentation of an HTML or XML document. CSS will give you a unique experience with motion images graphics on the screen.
Soft Skills are important for a web designer.
From above you have learnt about the technical skills in this you will understand the management to keep yourself structures and organized in your work. If you have more technical knowledge without the management skills you cannot grow in your career, below we mentioned the soft skills which play a more important role to be a web designer.

1. Time management
2. Communication
3. SEO / Digital Marketing
4. Client Management
It’s all about a web designer to become an allrounder in back-end and front-end development skills. When you will have a piece of knowledge about all coding languages to create your script to run a software or for a product, you will understand in and out of the coding script. Then only you will gain a master status in web designing.